The ‘C’ word.

My subconscious mind believes we are still at the start of summer, with just a fresh hatchling baby. It had a rude awakening on bonfire night when I realised baby Wilf had turned 5 months old that day- five months? you’ve got to be kidding me.

Summer gets shorter every year that I get older, I swear. I then came to realise not only had the light half of the year passed in a flash, it’s friggin’ Christmas next month.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth 5,4,3,2,1, and relax.

It is the season to hibernate, but man does it drag. I could happily be packed in a cardboard box all snug, like a tortoise until March, but life has to go on and I haven’t learnt the art of earning enough money to hibernate or jet off to a sunny side of the world for winter. I find that celebrating the seasons, and living as closely to nature as I can helps my soul and spirit through the dark months.

I will providing a series of natural crafting workshops, free for the local (Banburyshire) community to attend. A chance for people to come together, take a bit of time to slow down, and be creative with nature in an creatively inspiring atmosphere. These sessions are taking place in the Castle Quay shopping centre in Banbury, just next door to the Oxford canal which has been our home for the past 4 years on board our narrowboat.

Come and find me at “The Imagination Station” in castle quay shopping centre on Saturday the 16th November 10am-3pm for my first day of activities guiding you through making orange and clove pomander balls, to give your home a wonderful festive fragrance for the upcoming months.

On the 10th & 11th December come along and learn how to make your own natural Christmas wreath. More details will be given soon! All workshops are free of charge .

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