A diary of the adventures of our new cutting patch, at Wilderness Wildflowers.
The search for a new cutting garden became pressing at the end of 2017, after the news came that the farm we were based on is being sold for development, my inner eco warrior felt sadness that more green land would disappear to yet another building development, land that i truly love, where many happy memories have been made, midnight swimming in the lakes with the crayfish being one of them!
But, “everything happens for a reason” is what I have told people since I was knee high to a hedgehog.
Whilst enjoying a new years dog walk around the glorious nature reserve at The National Herb Centre, we stumbled upon a garden- which we have stumbled upon many times before, but this time it was with new, slightly desperate eyes. A large fenced off garden, once used to grow vegetables with and a shabby looking poly tunnel full of brambles. YES! Brambles, this is a good sign…apart from being a bit of a pest, brambles are in my top 12 favourite plants! Harking back to my childhood days of pig tail wearing and ‘Brambly Hedge’, the beautifully illustrated childrens story books of a community of mice, living in the tranquil English countryside. These story books have set the foundations for my taste of pretty much everything; interior decor, art, gardens, tattoos, wild flower arrangements… so. These brambles are just right.


……isnt it beautiful?!
Anyway, skipping to the end, we got it!

I shall be taking photos and blogging about our progress, of tuning this weedy patch into a wonderous and whimsical garden called Wilderness Wildflowers, and how this garden will enrich the life of our little family.
Come back soon, with a cup of something hot, to see how we get on with clearing the polytunnel.
Bye for now!